Artcore “Open Hands Project”

The Community Centre was proud to host the launch of a new project managed by Artcore and funded by the Derby Police and Crime Commissioner.

The project aims to celebrate the Normanton Area, improve cohesion and community spirit within Normanton by beautifying a public space and people taking pride and ownership in the artwork created.

Artcore will be working in partnership with residents, community groups and organisations in Normanton. Participants will be involved in the project at different stages, right from idea generation to the sculpture installation through various art interventions.

The event was opened by Ruchita Shaikh of Artcore and attended by Balbir Sandhu, Hardyal Dhindsa, Fareed Hussain, and Jangir Khan. Many people from the Indian Community attended to hear how they could get involved and some took the opportunity to try out their artistic skills with the help of the Artcore staff.

The programme will finish in September 2015 when a sculpture will be installed somewhere in Normanton. Everyone will be consulted to decide how it looks and where it will be placed.

All photos copyright Russell Pollard

6X4A3029 6X4A3081 6X4A3095 6X4A3097 6X4A3126 6X4A3131 6X4A3143 6X4A3157 6X4A3177


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